Who We Are

The Dancing for Health organisation creates partner dance therapy programmes to help people with long term health conditions. These are delivered within health care and community group settings.


Our programmes provide benefits to well-being, health outcomes and aid recovery for individuals, as well as providing an avenue for their partners to be actively involved. 


Our aim is to improve the physical, emotional and psychological health of those in the dance programme and to positively impact their lives.


The Dancing for Health programmes offer a physical and social activity for those people who wouldn't normally be able to go to a public dance class. Our main ambition is to take the class to the patient. We enable them to learn to dance with a partner of their choice - be that their own partner, family member or friend, within the safe and familiar setting of their hospice or hospital. And do so alongside a group of other people sharing similar experiences. As for those without partners, we will  partner you up with others, a volunteer or member of the dance team. That way, every patient can get involved.  


The programmes are tailored to accommodate patients who struggle with reduced fitness levels or restrictions in movement.


The choreography used in the classes is easy to follow, stimulates the mind whilst exercising the body. The classes can improve self confidence and self esteem, as well as build on the social and emotional connections between the patients, their partners and other group members.

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