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Please watch a selection of our customer testimonial videos below, as they explain how the Dancing for Health classes have helped them.


Our current customer base already has a very diverse range of long term health conditions. We are working with many different types of cancer patients, from patients going through treatment to those trying to get their lives back on track after treatment has finished. Other illnesses range from Parkinson disease, Dementia, Respiratory conditions, Deafness, Age related illnesses, depression and also people affected by bereavement. 

Patients affected by cancer:

Patients affected by a Respiratory condition:

Patients affected by Parkinsons:               

Patients affected by Stroke:               

People affected by Bereavement 

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Written Testimonials

Katerina Robert's testimonial


"The Dancing for Health classes are fun, flexible and fabulously uplifting and are geared to people of all ages and abilities. Having undergone major lung surgery following a cancer diagnosis I have found that the style of teaching has literally breathed new life into me. At each session they always comes up with new and exciting routines, which might look complicated at first but you are guaranteed that by the end of the lesson you dance the steps like you just made them up! Dancing has boosted my confidence, improved my health and made me a much happier person - and it’s all thanks to Dancing for Health who have made me what I am today."

Bev Godwin's testimonial


“Having been a reasonably fit, active and healthy person, being told I had breast cancer in August 2012 was certainly a big shock. The type of breast cancer I had meant that I had to undergo many different types of treatment and operational procedures. This “cancer roller coaster” as it is often referred to, is emotionally and physically draining. Many areas of my life had to change, my work and home life together with my social life altered greatly. I sometimes felt disconnected with the world around me, if it had not been for the doctors and  nurses and their dedication and professionalism plus my wonderful family and friends, and my faith, I honestly do not know how I would have managed.


So to be given the ‘all clear’ 18 months later was such a relief, I just cannot describe the emotional feeling and thankfulness to all the amazing NHS staff in the 3 hospitals I had dealings with.


Needless to say I am still under their watchful eye and have to take medication as a result. The down side of which reduces my oestrogen levels, with a potential to weaken my bone density. Therefore I was very keen to take up dancing once again. I enjoy various styles of dancing but in particular I find the “Smooth Dancing for Health Style” both enjoyable and invigorating. Dancing has also helped with my self esteem, helping me to reconnect with the world I knew before breast cancer. It is extremely important to stay active throughout your life, not to go mad and overdo things but to maintain a steady level of fitness according to your own bodily requirements. The social side of dancing is also very important, making new friends, gives you a feel good factor and a positive outlook on life once again.”

Lynne Lowe's testimonial


“I was lucky to come across the dance world, via Tracey from Smartdanceworks/ Dancing for Health three years ago. This gave me a new life with benefits both physically and socially.  I lost weight, got fit and my depression from being lonely disappeared.


Then two years ago I was diagnosed with a condition that required brain and spinal surgery. I was told that it would be a considerable amount of time before I would get any balance or coordination back. I was determined to get back to dancing. My operation was in July and I gingerly stepped back on the dance floor in September.  On my following visit with my consultant he was amazed at my progress. To such an extent that he intended to suggest the activity to other patients. I have been left with brain scar tissue which should affect my balance and coordination... but dancing has helped me to maintain an active and very well balanced life.”


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