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Dancing for Health CIC is a not for profit organisation. We use dance as a physical and social activity to help people with long term health conditions, the elderly, disabled and also people suffering with anxiety, stress, depression and loneliness. Our programmes are delivered within health care settings, community group settings and online.


Our programmes provide benefits to well-being, health outcomes and aid recovery for individuals, as well as providing an avenue for their partners to be actively involved. Our aim is to improve the physical, emotional and psychological health of those in the dance programme and to positively impact their lives.


The Dancing for Health programmes offer a physical and social activity for those people who wouldn't normally be able to go to a public dance class because of their health or age related condition. Our main ambition is to take the class to them. 


The programmes are tailored to accommodate people who struggle with reduced fitness levels or restrictions in movement. The choreography used in the classes is easy to follow, stimulates the mind whilst exercising the body. The classes can improve self confidence and self esteem, as well as build on the social and emotional connections between patients, their partners and other group members.

Our Board of Directors

Tracey Barnes

Managing Director

I founded and created the Dancing for Health company.

I am a fitness and dance instructor who has run my own dance company for over 20 years.


I sustained a back injury which caused chronic pain and made me realise that certain dance movements would help aid recovery. This inspired me to concentrate my teachings on technique and posture, and consider how dance could benefit other people. I wanted to provide vulnerable people who couldn't attend a public dance class because of their medical or age related conditions, access to be able to learn to dance in safety.


Dancing is a multidemsional activity that contributes positively to many aspects of a person's overall health.

My aim is to find ways, techniques and create full packages of health, well-being and fitness through safe, bespoke "Dancing for Health' programmes to enable participants to dance their way to a better lfestyle one step at a time.My vision is to positively impact the lives of others and to 'share the health'.

Viv Poole MBA 


I am a semi-retired business coach who has been working with Dancing for Health since 2019.  Originally from Canada, I spent twelve years in the UK further and higher education sectors setting up and running training businesses and heading marketing departments.  I started my own business consultancy, TeamPro Solutions Ltd, in 2001. I retired in 2016 but continue to provide coaching to startups and growing businesses, and I also write blog posts on my Silver Startups website.

Dr Anne-Marie Spooner


I am a local Chesterfield GP and have worked in the area for over 20 years. My roles include being a part time GP partner at Inspire Health as well as having worked as a clinical lead for Derby and Derbyshire CCG and Chesterfield and Dronfield Primary Care Network. 
During this time I have also been a keen dancer in my free time. I am passionate about the multiple physical and mental health benefits of dance, for everyone, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to be involved in Dancing for Health.


My roles include helping shape health services in our local area, especially for people with learning difficulties and the frail and elderly, both in their own home and in care homes. Providing the opportunity for these groups of people, who traditionally may not have had access to the wonderful experience of dance, to enjoy the well proven benefits of dance is exciting! In particular, the personalised, accessible, and adapted approach to dancing that allows everyone to participate at their own level is to be celebrated.

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